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Nigella-Anthony Show Begins Casting Calls

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New Show

It has already been announced that celebrity chefs and television presenters, Nigella Lawson and Anthony Bourdain, will be co-hosting a new ABC cooking show. The latest news on that front is that the channel has announced its locations and is holding casting calls for the show, which is yet-to-be-named.


Casting Calls


The casting calls will begin in Los Angeles (where else?) on June 30, 2012 while in Chicago and New York, the calls will open on July 14. The channel has asked the contestants to bring “food/ingredients to be finished and plated once you enter the audition room.” Apparently, the locations for casting calls do not have kitchen facilities where the contestants can warm their dishes. The candidates will get only a few minutes to plate their dish and serve it to the judges. There is a 13-page application in which the contestants will submit details about their motivation behind doing the show and any criminal background they might have (???). Those who cannot attend the calls personally can submit a video of their cooking and final dish.


The New Series


The show is currently being called just “ABC Cooking Show” and the channel website describes it as the series that will “pit America’s most skilled cooks against one another in a show unlike any other.” The series is open to both professional as well as amateur cooks. Quite cheekily, the website also asks the contestants whether they have ever done anything to embarrass the Network, producers, or the hosts! Well, considering the foul-mouthed appearances of Bourdain on so many shows in the past, there would be many who would be interested in doing exactly that once they are on the show.


Talking about this show earlier this month, Bourdain had said, “It’s true. I will be hosting a competitive reality series for ABC. I’m particularly looking forward to working with Nigella – who’s a friend from way back – More to come later.” However, Anthony may have to be a bit cautious after his last statement about Nigella brought the latter too much public ire over the pig episode.


Till the channel decides upon a name, speculations are going to continue about this latest venture of the two famous chefs!


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Nigella-Anthony Show Begins Casting Calls