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Charlie Trotter To Go Down With A Bang!

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Well, it is common knowledge that the pioneering chef Charlie Trotter is going to close the doors of his famous restaurant, “Charlie Trotter” at Lincoln Park, Chicago, later this year. But what was not known is that Trotter intends to go down with a bang as he prepares to invite famous chefs into his restaurant kitchen for a major charity dinner before closing his 25-year-old business.


He has broken numerous culinary grounds in the past quarter of a century and it looks like the August 19 charity dinner will be the last blaze in his armor.


His Guests


Charlie has decided to invite, among others, Nathan Myhrvold (celebrated author of the landmark cookbook, six-volume Modernist Cuisine), Tetsuya Wakuda, Trotter’s long-time friend, Australian chef, and owner of the Sydney restaurant Tetsuya’s, and Sean Brock, one of the fast rising chefs in the Southeast and owner of Husk in Charleston. The guests will be trailblazers in the culinary world and will be treated to a multi-course dinner, for which the menu is still being worked out but there is a surprise too! Keeping the drinks in mind, Charlie has also invited three celebrated winemakers to this farewell dinner who are – Spainish L’Ermita Vineyards’ Alvaro Palacios, Jim Clendenen from Au Bon Climat Winery, and Richard Geoffroy of Dom Perignon.


Guest of Honor


While Charlie is still working out the menu for the dinner, he informed that Myhrvold, the Guest of Honor, is planning to prepare some of his signature dishes for the dinner. Trotter has already been to Myhrvold’s kitchen lab in Bellevue, Washington, D.C., and he said, “It’s pretty serious in that Nathan has never done anything like this before. I reached out to him and asked if he’d want to do this and he said he wanted to help me mark 25 years.”


Multi-Course Dinner


Myhrvold will pitch in with five courses of the dinner and Brock and Wakuda will do two courses each, leaving Trotter and his team to “fill in the rest.” Explaining it further, Trotter said, “We’ve had lots of visitors over the years – Ferran (Adria), Daniel Boulud, etc. – and what we typically do at these vents, we have the visitors determine what they want to do and we fill it out so we don’t duplicate.”


The dinner will come at a cost of $2,500 per person and the proceeds will go towards Myhrvold’s personal charity. The reservations for the one-seating dinner are currently being made at Charlie Trotter’s at 773-248-6228. And apparently, this is not the only  big-bang dinner that Charlie has planned before shutting down his restaurant. He informs, “There’s another dinner happening that is potentially even more mind blowing. I can’t talk about it yet. It’s the very antithesis of everything I’ve done for the last 25 years.” Well, we are waiting to hear about that one too!


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Charlie Trotter To Go Down With A Bang!