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Mike Tyson’s Tryst With Veganism!

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Mike Tyson

Years ago, when he bit off his opponent, Evander Holyfield’s ear, boxing champ Mike Tyson must have hardly thought of turning vegan. But here he is, vegan for the past three years, and apparently loving it too.


In a recent interview, Tyson told an interviewer that he had turned vegan because was getting tired of having sex with prostitutes. Well, the mercurial boxer was never known for mincing his words but  the statement is sure to turn heads evencoming  from him,. However, the onslaught doesn’t stop right there. When he was asked if would never eat another candy bar again in his life, Tyson replied, “Maybe so. I’m pretty fucking extreme.” Of course, Holyfield would vouch for that!


He told the interviewer, “I just threw up the white flag. Too many prison cells, too man jails, too many lawsuits, too many bankruptcies, too many women, too many venereal diseases, too many everything! I got tired… of every time my prostitute girl got back from a trip I had to sleep with her. I’m going to live a different life.”


For the 45-year-old Iron Mike, sex with the prostitutes may be a different kind of motivation than the lesser beings, but veganism is here to stay. He is happier and saner thanks to vegan diet and also 130-pounds lighter. In fact, he claims that veganism has changed the way he thinks and feels. Wow, that is almost poetic, Mike!


About enjoying a different mental capability post-veganism, Mike once said, “Incredible, I wish I was born this way. When you find out about the processed stuff you have been eating. I wonder why I was crazy all those years.” A few months ago, Mike had also announced his plans to open a restaurant chain business but it is yet to materialize. Here’s hoping that his veganism is here to stay, at least.


Veganism is a relatively new phenomenon in the world of diets and it is catching up fast thanks to celebrity intervention. Come to think of it, for one pound of beef, you end up spending energy and resources that could produce 16 pounds of soybeans and grains. Similarly, 3 to 6 pounds of soybeans and grains could equal one pound of turkey and eggs in the same term. Therefore, encouraging veganism is a good thing for all.


For all these years, vegans have found themselves to be at the periphery of the dieting world. With few restaurants or manufacturers catering exclusively to the vegans, being a vegan was a daily struggle. However, with celebrities like Mike Tyson and former president Bill Clinton ‘biting’ the bait, it seems that being vegan is going to become easier now.


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Mike Tyson’s Tryst With Veganism!