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Glamorous Jenny Cools Herself With Cocktails

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Jenny Mc Carthy

Jenny McCarthy, the glamour model and activist is in favor of beating the heat with cool alcoholic mixes, coolers and cocktails to be precise. She has also been fighting against autism since her son Evans had been diagnosed as autistic. Jenny takes great pain with his diet matching it with her own , a step that has helped her lose weight too. It’s fresh fruits and veggies coupled with egg white omelets for breakfast and a lunch that includes fish on a daily basis. She has also managed to cut out the gluten rich products from her diet and has decided to give dairy a miss as well.


Relaxation Technique

But that doesn’t mean that Jenny does not get to relax at all. She was recently seen lounging by the pool side, looking extremely hot in a itsy-bitsy bikini while sipping on a cool colada drink. Wonder of wonders! She claims to have made it herself by trying out her own recipe. She tried mixing the new Svedka Colada with some pineapple, mango and coconut blends and sipping it from an empty coconut shell. Tropical Paradise isn’t it?

Colada Drink

Special Jenny Cocktails

Muddled strawberries in honey syrup strained together with lemon juice and served on rocks is yet another favorite of Jenny. Don’t forget to add the Colada  though or you will not have the Colada Cooler in hand. If you find it to be too sweet for your taste the sexy lady has yet another recipe up her sleeve. Some Wild Turkey American honey  that is honey infused bourbon for the uninitiated, combined with the nutritious grapefruit juice and angostura bitters will lend just the right edge to your summer cocktail. Keep some tall Collin gasses handy as you pour out the drink and serve it with a smile and a sprig of rosemary floating atop it.


Jenny sure knows how to enjoy life in spite the pressures of life. Do try out these delightful cocktails and let us know how ‘hot’ they were.


Image Credit- straitpinkie ; fematrailer.blogspot 

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Glamorous Jenny Cools Herself With Cocktails