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Young Japanese Olympian Ordered To Eat Veggies

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Koki Niwa

Koki Niwa, the pint sized Japanese Table Tennis player harbors hopes of being a medalist at the London Olympics this year. Japan is also eager to see the young man win and their hopes have been fuelled when Niwa managed to stun the World No. 1 Ma Long of China at the Asian Olympic Qualifier held in April. His coach is a worried man though and it is not on account of his playing skills but his unhealthy eating habits.


The Japanese prodigy has been ordered to see a dietician and follow the prescribed diet on a regular basis. However, Koki Niwa does not like eating veggies and he is quite vociferous about it. He in fact, simply hates the sight of carrots and tomatoes he declared while giving an interview to Nikkan, a sports Newspaper of Japan. His favorite food is noodles and meat and he is not too interested in any other type of diet. He admits that food is the least of his worries and he does not like thinking of his diet at all. After being taken to task by both his coach and dietician, Niwa seems to have seen reason. "But I will do what I can to try to increase the amount of vegetables I eat," he says leaving us in no doubt that it is a painful task for him.


Niwa is the winner of the Youth Olympic Games held in 2010 and had also won both the junior doubles as well as the singles titles in 2010 and 2011 respectively.  He will be in London along with Seiya Kishikawa and Jun Mizutani for the team event and is expected to be physically fit for the greatest sporting event in the world.

No to Veggies

The teenager seems to be heeding good advice now. He hopes to try eating more of salads  and have lots of green peppers while snacking. The red  colored tomatoes  and carrots are still a no-no for him.


Hopefully, he’ll try to build up his immunity by feeding his lithe body with the required nutrients well before the Olympic  games begin. Here’s wishing him luck both with the games and the veggies.


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Young Japanese Olympian Ordered To Eat Veggies