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Kendra Wilkinson Dines With Husband Sans Son

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Kendra Wilkinson Dines with Husband

The television star, Kendra Wilkinson and hubby Hank Baskett were spotted having a quiet dinner at one of NYC’s trendiest Italian restaurant, Asellina. The couple hardly had time together in the recent past given the hectic schedule of both Kendra and NFL player Hank. And of course being a mommy to the 2 1/2 year old junior Hank also ate into her ‘me time’ according to the glamour model Kendra.


Thankfully, the pair managed to leave their son at home for sometime on Thursday and decided to have a mature and mellow dinner. It wasn’t quite a romantic dinner though. The duo was joined by a few friends and all of them enjoyed a few drinks and quiet chatter. The mood was very relaxed in the dining area but Kendra ever conscious of her bikini perfect body ordered only grilled chicken. Nothing fattening will do for her as she had revealed herself a few months ago.


However, Kendra had shocked her fans and dieticians alike when she announced that her Asselina Restaurantlatest diet  consisted of nuts, nuts and more nuts throughout the day. “My Natural Diet ” was what she called it and managed to include almonds, walnuts, dried bits of coconut, raisins, dried cranberries and even pistachios in her preferred diet. She thrived on them, carrying them along with her and snacking on them at regular intervals. Even her breakfast consisted of plain yogurt with the nuts sprinkled on top. She seems to have got over the nutty stage at last. Grilled chicken is certainly an improvement over it.


A salad of sundried tomatoes or a big noodle dish with shrimps and zucchini should have been more fitting at Asellina though. After all, it boasts of delicious Italian fare!  Whatever be their choice, the good food and excellent company put the smile back on Kendra’s lips. We hope that she will steer clear of fad diets for some time now, at least until her son grows up a little.


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Kendra Wilkinson Dines With Husband Sans Son