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Padma Lakshmi’s ‘Sexy’ Avatar For Emmy Awards

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It is Emmy campaign season and one ad has scorched it for sure. Hot chef Padma Lakshmi is playing with chocolate these days in hopes for another Emmy Award. She already has two Emmys for her reality cooking competition show, “Top Chef.” However, it seems, she is not satisfied with just two awards and wants some more.


In this quest for more awards, the Emmy campaign has dug out a five year old picture of the saucy chef of Indian origin and fielded it before the 2012 Emmy Awards ceremony. The poster they have put up for the consideration of the voters reads “For Your Emmy Consideration.”. Touting Padma as an “Outstanding Host for Reality or Reality-Competition Program”, the poster asks “Who Wants To Lick Her Spoon?”


The spoon in question is slathered in chocolate and Padma is holding it in her right hand while licking her left hand, also covered in melted chocolate.


While the 64th Prime Time Emmy Awards is still sometime away, it will not be known for a while, whether the ‘Top Chef’ host’s sexy photo has had any effect on the voting or not. But the media has not taken kindly to this bold ad, especially, since Emmy Awards are considered to be such a prestigious award ceremony associated with quality television programs.


One of the websites wrote, “Stop licking yourself, that’s unsanitary… We don’t understand why you’re playing with all this chocolate instead of doing something useful with it, like making us a cake.” Another one wrote, “It’s Emmy campaign season, and NBC Universal’s Bravo division wants voters to nominate Top Chef host/attractive person Padma Lakshmi… And instead of promoting her talent, Bravo will just promote her, uh, assets…”


This is, however, not the first time that Padma has gone bold for an ad. She did a spot for the Hardee’s Thickburger (video given below), in which she left little to imagination while grabbing a big bite of the burger and licking the ketchup off herself. She also managed to look ravishing in between all that.


Her love affair with food, as she calls it, manifests itself in several other ways too. As she admitted while attending the Emmy Awards last year. She tweeted, “Small pinkberry mango perfect breakfast for fitting into Emmy dress!!” That was months after giving birth to her daughter, Krishna.


There are chefs who invite attention to help a noble cause and, then, there are chefs who invite attention to win an award. ‘Top Chef’ is a widely popular program and Padma Lakshmi has brought her own oomph as a personality as well as a classy chef to the show. If she wants to show another side of herself, just for a media campaign, that can be called, well, trivializing the matter a bit!


There is no need to do that!

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Padma Lakshmi’s ‘Sexy’ Avatar For Emmy Awards