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Paula Deen Wants More ‘Hope’, Not Butter

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Paula Deen Butter

In the recent times, the Goddess of Southern cooking, Paula Deen, has had her share of brickbats. Probably that is why, in her recent appearance on the television show, “Celebrities At Home,” she insisted that people should stop relating her to butter, which has been the case mostly.


In fact, when TV personality Nancy O’Dell took the viewers on a tour of Deen’s Savannah estate for the HGTV show, viewers must have been wondering where the celebrity chef keeps her butter supplies. Those who know her cooking know how much she loves using butter, and other dairy products in her dishes. For years, she has cooked dishes high in fat, sodium, sugar, etc, much to the chagrin of public health advocates.


In fact, it is this obsession with all things fatty that led to a public backlash against Paula when she announced earlier this year that she was suffering from Type 2 Diabetes for the past few years. Fellow chef, Anthony Bourdain, even went to the extent of calling her “the most dangerous person in America.” Chef José Andrés said about her, “ I don’t think what Paula Deen did is the right thing.”


Nevertheless, past is past now and it seems, Paula wants to move on from her image. She recently announced her partnership with the New-York based suppliers, Nanco Group, to retail a new line of food products.


The “Celebrities At Home” show was also an attempt in this direction, where she told Nancy, “When you hear the name Paula Deen, I want you to think of the word hope.” Though, over the time, she has been a butt of jokes made on her butter obsession, but Paula clearly doesn’t want people associating her with butter any longer.


However, that is not what the show was all about. Viewers were treated to a rare look into what Paula called a pantry but was in effect a large room with rows and rows of stacked dishes of all shapes and sizes. When asked about the room, Paula told Nancy that each of the dishes had some special meaning for her but there were so many of those that she had not bothered to count them. 


While Paula may be courting sympathy now, there is no hope that the public will see her in a new light, that is, unless she ditches the butter too.


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Paula Deen Wants More ‘Hope’, Not Butter