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Brad & Angelina To Host A Pre-Olympic Bash

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The hot couple Brangelina have decided to throw a star studded Olympic Party just a couple of days before the actual event. The duo well-known for their entertaining abilities  have roped in a host of stars from all across the US as well as Britain to attend the event. The bash will be held at the Victoria and Albert Museum in honor of the boxer Muhammad Ali.


The couple is staying in London at present while Angelina completes her shooting of the “Maleficent”. They are currently renting a huge place leased at £20 million in London which is going to be their home for the next two years.  The official Olympics will be declared open only 48 hours after the do at Brad and Angelina’s but rumors are already abuzz about the A-listed guests that are likely to include the entire galaxy of stars from both sides of the Atlantic.


Gossip about Price William and Kate being invited are already rife while reliable sources also say that Prince Harry would be showing up at the glittering event as well. Victoria and David Beckham, Michael Douglas with Catherine Zeta Jones and Sharon Stone have already received their invitations. The dress in keeping with the solemnity of the occasion is going to be black-tie while the invitees have been requested not to snap photos with their mobile cameras while at the venue.


The entire party will revolve around the Olympic theme and the guests will be regaled by a champagne reception on the lawns of the Museum come July 25. A formal, four-course banquet is expected to follow with every kind of delicacy being included in the menu. The star pair also intends to raise money for the “Sports For Peace” at the bash. However, this formal charity event will not be all that night. Angelina and Brad are hoping to invite a select few from the guest list back to their house for a fun filled after-party party. Brad, who is currently not working in London is in charge of organizing this bash and promises that it will be booze fuelled. The stars have already assured their guests of having buckets full of homemade cocktails at hand.


Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have already secured the tickets to the grand opening of the London Olympics scheduled to take place on the 27th of June but their guests are looking forward to their bash. A source remarked, "Forget the official opening ceremony, this is the party to be at.” We happily endorse that!


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Brad & Angelina To Host A Pre-Olympic Bash