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Controversial Cake For Eddie Cibrian On His B’Day

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Eddie's Cake

Eddie Cibrian, well known for playing the patriarch in Sunset Beach  was shown in a different light on his birthday last Saturday. His wife LeAnn Rimes, the 29 year old singer gleefully presented her husband with a birthday cake that depicted the pair of them in bed. The edible duo atop the cake led to much laughter although there were admiring glances at the exquisitely crafted cake as well.


The Sweet and Saucy shop of California was responsible for creating this masterpiece of a cake which consisted of three distinct tiers. It was a basic red velvet cake that happened to be totally smothered in fondant. The top most level had miniature models of both Eddie and LeAnn sleeping on a bed comfortably covered with a yellow fondant blanket while their kids (Cibrian’s actually that makes them Rimes’ step children) were also created in edible versions,  standing on the second tier with their backs turned, facing the other way. The idea though amusing seemed to be a little kinky as well. After all, the parents going to bed with their kids standing only a tier away would be enough to put off anyone.


LeAnn was all smiles though and she tweeted a picture of the interesting cake  along with the caption, “Eddie's favorite things bday cake!” on the 16th of June which happened to be Eddie Cibrian’s 39th birthday. The event was celebrated at the Malibu Inn on Saturday where the year old couple exchanged a passionate kiss outside the premises just before hosting the birthday party.  The occasion was an extremely happy one which included only a few close friends of the couple. The celebrations went on the next day with Father’s Day being the main focus on Sunday.


However, the talk of the town has now shifted from the party and Eddie’s birthday to the bizarre cake. Would you go for one like that or do you see it as too tacky to even consider such a thought? Do write in with your comments.


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Controversial Cake For Eddie Cibrian On His B’Day