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Kim Kardashian Tours Paris With Boyfriend Kanye

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Kim Kardashian and Kanye West in Paris

It is certainly difficult “Keeping up with the Kardashains” as they seem to enjoy being in the thick of things. Kim, the most famous Kardashian lived it up in Paris recently where she was spotted enjoying a joy ride in the $380,000 Lamborghini that she bought for her boyfriend Kanye West as a birthday present.


The duo were in the “City of Lights” for a repeat performance of “Watch The Throne” tour and the 35 year old Kanye, could not resist showing his gorgeous girl friend the sights of the city which included the culinary delights that Paris is so famous for. Kim had in fact, posted an image of a plate of escargots  the day before with the caption, “to eat or not to eat”.  The snails had been smothered in garlic butter and looked delicious though it may not have excited Kim overmuch.  The sexy Kardashian has revealed being a fussy eater before admitting that she always preferred to have her food delivered to her safely packed in freezer bags. No wonder, the plate of escargots had posed her with a challenge when she had dinner with her Mom, Kris Jenner the previous day at  L’Ami Loui, a celebrity hotspot of the city. Little else apart from the escargots has been disclosed about the menu although the foie gras along with the restaurant specialty of wood fire roasted Poulet Rôti are certain to have featured on their plates.


The hot and sexy couple had checked into the “Four Seasons Hotel George V”  for their rendezvous in Paris. The pair were spotted heading for a brunch at L'Avenue located on Avenue Montaigne on Father’s Day. The elegant bistro is well known for its brunch menu which includes starters like L’Avenue Royale, a combination of sparkling wine, fruit liqueurs & mint and Eggs Florentine. The House Biscuits serve as a treat as well and may well have kept the Kardashian sis hooked on them for the better part of the morning.


However, no meal is complete without ice cream and sure enough the lovey-dovey pair summed it up on a sweet note, ice cream cones from Häagen-Dazs! Mother Kris was there to share the melting delight as well. The lovebirds soon sped off looking pleased with themselves.


We hope that all goes well with Kim this time round and her happiness at dating an older man, as revealed to Oprah, is justified.


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Kim Kardashian Tours Paris With Boyfriend Kanye