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Letterman Takes Romney To Task Over Donut!

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Mitt Romney Donuts

When it comes to television host David Letterman, there is no crime to small to be ignored. That is why, when the presidential candidate Mitt Romney failed to identify a donut, instead calling the plate “chocolate goodies,” Letterman pounced upon him.


Well, there is no doubt that it is really funny to know that Romney has never heard of donuts. If you want to see the video that presents Romney’s gaffe on donuts, see it at Buzzfeed. The video shows the Republican nominee being unable to identify a chocolate donut, even as his wife, sitting next to him, and the interviewer laugh it off with a nervous laughter.


Letterman is obviously happy to cash in on this gaffe as he presented his Top 10 List on his show, “Late Night Show with David Letterman,” to the other terms that Romney could use to describe donuts. His list goes – Powdered Snack Cylinders, Dessert Bagels, Leavened Batter Globules, Sugary Pastry Tires, Perforated Strudel Orbs, Saturated Fat Wheels, Dunking Muffins, Glazed Giddy-ups, Chris Christie Kremes, and The Cadillac of Pastries.


Donuts enjoy a nationwide popularity, which was evident, when America celebrated Annual Donut Day recently. Therefore, it is hard to believe that the Presidential hopeful would not know the name of these magical pastries with a hole in them. The gaffe can only be attributed to Romney’s slow wit, which was characterized in another Presidential nominee, in the election race a few years ago, Sarah Palin. Palin had said in an interview, “I can see Russia from my window.” What made her say so is well-recorded in the annals of press, so we won’t elaborate on it here.


There was a time when Mitt Romney had poked fun on President Obama for having eaten dog meat in his youth but his critics did not let the American public forget how he had traveled with his dog tied to the roof of his car. Slow wit has been the demise of many a promising political careers and if Romney doesn’t get his act together, same may prove to be the case for him as well. Meanwhile, we leave you to enjoy a video of Romney’s appearance on the Letterman show, where he deliberately makes fun of himself, much to the amusement of the viewers.

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Letterman Takes Romney To Task Over Donut!