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Paula Deen Embarks On New Journey!

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Paula DeenShe was once called the David Blaine of Food TV but after facing a backlash because of her diabetes announcement and her Southern cooking style, Paula Deen is left now to grapple with the aftermath of both. And she is doing so by keeping herself busy with new ventures, one of which is her new line of food products. She has teamed up with New York-based supplier, Nanco Group, to sell food products at retail stores all over America from next year. Read on for more on her latest venture:



1) The Food Line


The celebrity chef has joined hands with the upstate New York supplier to produce a line of Deen’s foodstuffs, which would be out by next year at “all major retail channels worldwide.” This includes drug stores, club stores, and supermarkets. Besides, “a specialty line of products to be sold in Deen’s restaurants” is also being readied. Although, there is no clear information about what the line of products entails, one of the persons associated with the project revealed, “It’s got to be delicious, and it’s got to be authentic, or she won’t put her name on it and won’t allow us to put her name on it.” According the same source, the new products will be a “unique and convenient solution” to the consumers, who want to experience Paula Deen’s signature style of cooking without going to the extent of purchasing all the ingredients separately.



2) The Details


Well, Deen is known for calorie-rich, fat-laden dishes, so in case you are already wary of what she has in store for you with her new line of food products, here is some assurance. A spokesman for Nanco informs that though the line would cover Paula’s traditional recipes, like bread pudding made with Krispy Kreme donuts, there will be some lighter versions too. Steven Nanula, president of Paula Deen Foods, explains further, “This isn’t Paula just signing off on something. This is Paula really getting into it and rolling up her sleeves along with her team.” However, this is not the only thing she is going to keep herself busy with for the time being. There is also a new cooking game show, more like a contest, called “Food Chain,” to be produced with Zodiak USA. The game show is supposed to be a rip-off of a popular Italian series, “Cuochi e Fiamme.” But more of that later.



3) Backlash on Paula


In January this year, when Deen made headlines across world media after announcing her diabetes diagnosis, which took place three years ago, she suffered much backlash from media, public health advocates, as well as her own colleagues in the industry. One of the most notable retort was from fellow celebrity chef Anthony Bourdain. Bourdain called Deen, “the worst, most dangerous person to America.” However, Deen soldiered on, keeping true to her Southern cooking style, which talks of a lot of butter and cream.



4) Mutual Admiration


Speaking about her new venture, Paula, an Emmy Award-winning chef and also the founder of Paula Deen Enterprises, said, “We are honored to take the Nanco generations of experience and bring our favorite recipes from our family to your own. Working with Nanco, we have generations of experience and knowledge from our most important partners – the grocery retailers that will enable us to bring the best value possible to those who love our recipes.” Nanula, on his part, said, “We are joining forces with Paula Deen, one of the industry’s most successful brands, to raise things to new levels. The passion to bring her joy of cooking to those around the world is magical.”


Well, this mutual admiration is really commendable but there can be no final word on the partnership unless details come forth of exactly what is it that Deen is seeking to sell under the new venture. Till then, it is better to wait and watch!


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Paula Deen Embarks On New Journey!