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Olympic Medalist Prefers High Calorie Food

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Michael Phelps

Olympic gold medalist Michael Phelps is hoping for a greater haul this year. He had earned a total of 8 golds at Beijing Olympics in 2008 and is looking forward to the London Olympics which the 27-year-old athlete claims will be his last. However, it wasn’t only his skills at moving through water that became the talk of the last Olympics, Phelps was reported to be accustomed to food that helped him gain 12,000 calories per day. This in itself seems to an exaggeration as no ordinary person even if he is an athlete can actually consume more than 10,000 calories on a daily basis. But Phelps sure does have a few pet dishes that he relishes while training for the biggest sporting event in the world. Let us look at some of these.


Staple Food For Michael Phelps


Sandwiches preferred by Michael Phelps

Fried eggs, cheese, lettuce, and fried onions ensconced in two pieces of bread with the entire sandwich being practically smothered in mayonnaise is Phelps’ way of starting the day. And yes! It is not 1 but 3 of such fried egg sandwiches that helps him get ready for a grueling session, a month before the Olympics.Lunch time fuel is provided by ham and cheese sandwiches which Phelps relishes being drenched in mayo again.



French Toasts preferred by Michael Phelps

No ordinary toast or brown bread will do for the ace swimmer, as he has to keep up his strength. Breads fried crisply after being dunked in eggs satiate his palate in between meals. He also prefers to add a sprinkling of sugar on top of each as he wolfs down 3 of them at one go.



Pancakes preferred by Michael Phelps

No chocolate chip cookies for the Olympic medalist. He prefers the chocolate chips to be incorporated within his stack of pancakes and has…you guessed it right...three of them again! Maybe he happens to dunk them into a tall glass of creamy milk too. There’s no confirmation on the latter though.



Omelet preferred by Michael Phelps

A lone egg or two will certainly not do for Phelps who gets his protein intake by eating a huge omelet made with 5 eggs at breakfast every day. A Southern style breakfast of grits made from corn also helps to provide him with the requisite energy every morning.



Pizza preferred by Michael Phelps

Rumor has it that Phelps satiates himself with a huge pizza daily. No dainty wedges for him please! He would prefer to eat the entire pizza by himself and then hope for more. Are the pizza chains out at the Olympic Park listening?



Pasta preferred by Michael Phelps

Enriched pasta is a fixture during both lunch and dinner for the swimmer. He simply gorges on it and you would actually be astounded to see the enormous quantities vanish before your eyes. Spaghetti, Bucatini, macaroni or simply long noodles, the variety does not matter here.


Beverages preferred by Michael Phelps

Phelps is a little careful here as he has his caffeine fix early in the morning by downing two cups of strong coffee one after the other. It is energy drinks thereafter that provides him with a boost and helps him to go for stronger strokes.


Sounds surprising doesn’t it? Well, we can only hope that Phelps goes out in a blaze of glory at the London Olympics this year. Go for the Gold Phelps!


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Olympic Medalist Prefers High Calorie Food