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Jennifer Aniston Opts For A Salad In Paris

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Jennifer Aniston In Paris

“Friends” actor Jennifer Aniston named as one of the richest woman of 2007 according to the Forbes, was spotted in Paris early this week with boyfriend Justin Theroux in tow. The duo seemed to be very much together as they went for sightseeing in coordinated outfits and were seen eating at one of Aniston’s favorite restaurants in the French capital.


Jennifer looked very happy as she guided Justin into the eatery for dinner, late on Tuesday night and settled down for a long, leisurely time. The meal lasted all of 90 minutes and the staff of “Ristorante Le Stresa”, a hotspot in Paris, proved to be attentive enough. The 43-year-old actress seemed to be careful about what she ate  though. A source reports that she ordered a healthy, low-cal arugula and parmesan salad and sipped on diet soda throughout the meal. It was a diet coke and not a soda reveals yet another onlooker. Her beau was not as concerned with weight issues and he went for a pasta carbonara  containing a good amount of the fatty bacon, meat, and eggs. The cheese atop the spaghetti dish wasn’t exactly low in fat either. Justin seemed to enjoy it and that is all that matters. After all, they were on a holiday and could not be bothered about looking good 24X7. The couple also opted for a thin crust pizza with a tomato and mozzarella cheese topping which they shared eagerly. Food critics and experts remain flustered by their choice of food though, why choose to eat Italian when they could have gorged on gourmet French dishes in the Gastronomic Capital of the world. And a diet soda? The French are aghast at the thought of Hollywood celebrities not bothering to take even a sip of the delicate wines that Paris is so famous for!


There were no obvious signs of strain visible between them and the onlookers wondered whether the current stories regarding their impending break up or Aniston being pregnant could really be true. A staff working at the family restaurant revealed that the hot actress behaved "like she always is: very charming." The time together for the star couple does not actually seem to be a way of mending broken fences nor was it an attempt to re-ignite the lost passion that they once shared. It was a simple summer vacation said our source.


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Jennifer Aniston Opts For A Salad In Paris