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Uma Thurman’s Day Out At Theme Park

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Uma Thurman

As she took her kids around the “Six Flags Great Adventure”, Uma Thurman was happiness personified. Since she and her two kids, along with their friends, were on a summer vacation at a theme park in Jackson, New Jersey, it was but natural that they should gorge on summer delights.


So, the kids had their fill of sweet and cool treats like cotton candy, ice cream, and water ice. In fact, Uma was so caught up in the vacation mood that the actor with a serious demeanor, didn’t think twice before posing with the Looney Tunes characters, Sylvester and Wile E Coyote, along with her baby bump. The actor is pregnant with her third child.


Uma and her kids, Maya, 13 and Levon, 10, along with their friends, also dined at the Best of the West restaurant, one of the three major restaurants located inside the theme park. The other two restaurants are the Yum Yum Palace and Gingerbread Fancy. At the restaurant, the kids enjoyed sweet treats like the Dippin Dots, along with a host of other delightful items.


The pregnant actor had taken her daughter and son to the theme park to celebrate the end of their school year and the kids had their share of fun with rides on the SkyScreamer, Nitro, and the Batman Ride. In fact, the actor was so impressed with the theme park that she told a guide that she would be coming back for more next year after giving birth to her third child.


The only thing worrisome in this whole scenario is that the kids were gorging on junk food, especially sugar-laden treats. It seems that the celebrities, in an attempt to compensate for not being able to spend enough time with their kids otherwise, try to stuff them with junk food, thinking that the kids are happy to be treated thus. The latest case in question is that of Angelina Jolie’s kids.


With the recent scientific evidence that junk food, especially sugar-laden goodies, can cause obesity, as well as dental problems for kids, the celebrities should control the intake of junk food among their kids. What do you think?


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Uma Thurman’s Day Out At Theme Park