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Hot Wolf Joe Manganiello Hosts Rehab Pool Party

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Joe Manganiello

“True Blood” star Joe Manganiello created quite a stir in Sin City this weekend when he partied long and hard with friends. The “Hard Rock Hotel & Casino” served as the venue of the rehab pool party which was hosted by Manganiello this time.


The hot actor spent a lot of time chatting with the hotel’s DJs including Bad Boy Bill and Paul Okenfold who have earned a reputation for spinning out hit numbers together with the house music. A dip in the hot tub and drinks at the hotel’s bar helped the star to relax appreciably. He also  seemed to enjoy the uninterrupted supply of freshly cut sandwiches and other delicious finger foods served by the restaurants in the vicinity.


Manganiello was in high spirits throughout the day having started it off with an enormous breakfast consisting of  pancakes and eggs which he had at Mr Lucky’s Café in Vegas. Strong, freshly brewed coffee followed and the star was ready for the pool side action after a massage session at the Hotel’s Spa.


Sources claim that Manganiello was excited about his forthcoming movie, “Magic Mike” where he gets to  play the role of a stripper. The hot hunk ambled to the “35 Steaks + Martinis” restaurant after the party where he enjoyed dinner with his friends.


Renowned for its fascinating signature dishes, the restaurant is named after Elvis Priestly who was born in 1935. Delicacies on offer include the 35-day Gimlet and Tomahawk Steak which consists of prime steak weighing 35 ounce that has been aged for 35 days. The “King of Desserts” made with peanut butter and banana is yet another specialty that most people wouldn’t want to miss. The big bad werewolf of “True Blood”, however, was careful about what he ate. He chose to play it safe by ordering a diet soda and a huge plate of wedge salad prepared with iceberg lettuce, onions, tomatoes and a crumbled blue cheese dressing.


Playing a supernatural being is hard work indeed and Manganiello is certainly not the one to jeopardize his career by gorging on unhealthy delicacies however tempting they might look.


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Hot Wolf Joe Manganiello Hosts Rehab Pool Party