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Spider-Man Girl Treats Best Friend To A Bachelorette Party

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Kirsten Dunst With Friends In Mexico

Kirsten Dunst, popular for playing Mary Jane Watson, Spider-Man’s friend and love interest preferred to have an all girls outing recently. The star threw a bachelorette party for Molly, her best friend and lived it up in Mexico with three other girlfriends in tow. The "St. Regis Punta Mita Resort" in Mexico played host to the girls who did everything in style right from having yoga sessions to sipping on margaritas while in their sombreros.


Taking her role of a would be bridesmaid seriously Kirsten had the Presidential suite of the hotel reserved for them. The first evening started off with a bang and champagne flowed freely. A source termed it as a champagne ritual for the future bride although the there has been no confirmation of the fact from the hotel authorities. The age old ritual of breaking champagne glasses underfoot was not observed either.


After a lazy day by the sea, Kirsten and her friends proceeded to let their hair down while they enjoyed specially prepared grilled Mexican delicacies at the Sunset BBQ event arranged by the Hollywood star. Fresh fish, lambs, and chickens cooked over charcoal after being marinated in hot barbecue sauce, a specialty of the hotel  whetted their appetites for more.


Consequently, Dunst and her gang of gals set for the renowned “Si Senor” restaurant for dinner the next day where they had their fill of the local delicacies. With authentic Nachos dipped in Guacamoles and crisp fried chicken wings to consider as appetizers, the group moved on to the special dishes of the house which included Carnitas, Burritos Decebrados and exquisitely prepared Chimichangas . The home made custard of Mexico or Flan Napolitano   along with some fried ice cream  provided a fitting end to the bachelorette party which lasted for three whole days! The girls happened to enjoy their outing thoroughly and Kirsten posted a photo of them in bikinis with a caption underneath which said, "Being a maid-of-honour... not too shabby!"


Her boyfriend Garrett Hedlund, the Tron Legacy hero was nowhere to be seen in Mexico. Kirsten, however, made it up to him on returning home and they took a stroll along one of the upmarket areas of NYC while sharing chunks of watermelon.


Well, we certainly hope that the fruity twist proves to be healthy for their romance too!


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Spider-Man Girl Treats Best Friend To A Bachelorette Party