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Simon Cowell Rides Cookery Show Bandwagon!

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Simon Cowell

It seems everyone is rushing on the cookery television bandwagon. While the stalwarts, Anthony Bourdain and Nigella Lawson, are going full throttle at it, a surprising new entry into this world is that of grouchy British television personality Simon Cowell.


After reducing many a participants on “The X Factor” to tears with his sharp tongue, Cowell is now headed into the world of Cookery television with a new food series on UK’s ITV1, called “Food, Glorious Food.” The show will begin telecast in February 2013. Wonder what he will cook up on this one.


These days, the reality television’s most popular segment is cooking shows and it seems, that Cowell’s attempt at this will be something to watch out for. One of the associates of the show informed, “We’re tapping into the jubilee spirit with a Best of British theme. It’s open to all ages – from a granny with Cornish pasties to a youngster who has the ultimate recipe for jellied eels. We’re looking for characters too – with the ‘likeability factor.’”


The program is described as a talent show, which will give home cooks a chance to “impress experts” with just one dish, which they can cook the best. Somebody may say it is a rip-off on MasterChef, but wait, there is more to come. The winner of the show will get $31,154 in cash and eternal glory in the form of their winning dish being sold at Marks & Spencer’s retail outlets.


There is a hidden aspect to this program as well. Cowell’s production company, Syco (aptly named!!), has joined hands with the Optomen production for this show. Now Optomen is also associated with celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay. So, in effect grouchy Simon is joining hands with foul-mouthed Gordon, albeit indirectly.


As for Cowell, the 52-year-old television personality has been itching to get his hands on something that could rival BBC’s MasterChef. He is also doing it out of his love for simple food, as he describes, “I love my mum’s roast potatoes. Shepherd’s pie, Cornish pasties – I want stuff like that on the show.”


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Simon Cowell Rides Cookery Show Bandwagon!