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Heavy-Set Gemma Collins Gorges On Crisps!

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Gemma Collins

The reality TV stars are a mystery in themselves. They have, almost, everything going for them, name, fame, money, and adulation but still they seem to be least careful about the direction in which they are heading. Heavy-set TOWIE star, Gemma Collins, is one such star. She was recently spotted in Marbella, by the poolside, showing off her famous curves while gorging on a large bag of Cheetos.


While her thighs burst out of her costume and her arms dangled on both sides like pieces of lumber, she seemed to have no care of the world as she enjoyed the sunshine as well as her snack.


Emma was wearing a black swimming costume, a pink sun hat, over-sized Pink Guess sunglasses, and bright nail paint. When she saw the paparazzi clicking her pictures, she seemed to be coming into her own.


The 31-year-old reality TV star posed for pictures along the poolside in every imaginable posture but one thing that remained constant throughout was the bag of Cheetos and her eating the same with clockwork precision.


She has shown despair at her weight issues in the past episodes of TOWIE but it looks like all that was for camera only. Going by the amount of crisps that she downed during her poolside outing, it looks like she is hardly worried about the calories she is gorging upon.


Speaking about her diet issues in the past, Gemma has said, “Why do I want to become a diet bore? For me, it’s not about getting stick-thin, it’s about feeling happy in myself. I wasn’t happy when I lost weight. It was either lose weight to get into High Street sizzes and be a bit miserable, or stay as I am and create something for myself and other women like me.”


She dangled over the side of the pool, posed with her hands on her hips, her legs dipped in water, and she even managed a brief swim. The only time she had a frown on her face was when she got her hair wet but that was forgotten soon enough and she picked up her beach bag, put on her wedges, and headed to her hotel. One thing she didn’t forget on the way was to put her hand in and gobble up another handful of Cheetos.


Perhaps, Gemma needs a boyfriend in her life who would inspire her to be healthier than she already is, just like Kelly Clarkson got inspired.


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Heavy-Set Gemma Collins Gorges On Crisps!