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Goat Curry Flown In For Jamaican Olympians!

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Usain Bolt

He may be one of the fastest sprinters to emerge on the Olympic Games map but Jamaican athlete, Usain Bolt, cannot do without his dose of goat curry and bananas, even while neck-deep into preparing for the upcoming tournament in London.


The Jamaican Olympic team is based in Birmingham for its Olympic build-up. They have a native chef to cook the team’s native meals because their management doesn’t want them to eat anything unhealthy (read McDonald’s!).


Since Usain Bolt is the star of the team, it is being assumed that the amount of stuff being flown across from the Caribbean island to Birmingham is mostly meant to keep him in good spirits as also the rest of the team. News reports said that recently, the Jamaican team had flown in about 3,000 bananas, 20 pig tails, and 30 goat heads, across a 5,000-mile trip, so that the team members could eat happy and concentrate on their preparation instead of gorging on fast food.


Chef Karl Thomas is traveling with the team to keep a check on their daily menu. For instance, Usain Bolt’s daily menu should have breakfast, lunch, and dinner, all amounting to a total of 2,500-calories-per-day. He prefers to eat Jamaican items only, complete with herbs like thyme, spices like ginger, and Scotch bonnet pepper.


Thomas, who has worked for 13 years as a professional chef, informed, “Jamaican food is naturally nutritious and high in protein and it is what our athletes have asked for. All the food is being flown over in bulk from Jamaica and will be prepared at the University of Birmingham where the team will be staying until it moves to the Olympic village in London, where they will then have to eat food provided by the International Olympic Association.”


On its part, the University’s Director of Sport, Zena Wooldridge, said, “As a large university with global reach, the University of Birmingham’s catering team is familiar with catering for a wide range of nationalities, including Jamaican. However, to ensure we get the athletes’ food absolutely right, it’s ideal to have Jamaican chef Karl Thomas joining the catering team for the period of the camp.”


Well, the London Olympics management had, early on, made a lot of arrangements for the food and beverages for the participating teams. However, it seems that Usain Bolt and his team members cannot do without their daily dose of goat curry, yam, and bananas, so, they got their own food with them!


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Goat Curry Flown In For Jamaican Olympians!