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Jessica Simpson Begins Post-Pregnancy Weight Loss

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Jessica Simpson is one determined lady keen on shedding off the excess flab that she put on during her pregnancy. She admitted freely that she had added almost 60 pounds to her body during her period of confinement. However, not one to lose heart, Jessica, the singer, entrepreneur and fashion designer had divulged elaborate plans of how she was going to get back into shape post the birth of her baby.


Well, the glam mom and to be Mrs. Eric Johnson has been true to her word. She hit the gym yesterday which makes it just over a month of daughter Maxwell’s birth.  She had also signed up with the Weight Watchers quite early on in her pregnancy and is now their spokesperson advocating healthy diet and exercises for getting rid of all the extra baggage.  The company which believes in helping people shed their flab by eating healthy and engaging in vigorous but safe activities has decided to allow the public watch Simpson lose her baby weight slowly but surely. The price? A whopping $3 million deal in favor of the star and fashion diva.


While the timing of beginning a new weight loss regime has been frowned upon by most experts who believe that you need to wait at least 6 weeks after giving birth. Jessica does not seem too bothered! She has already broken the no sex rule and indulged in it fairly soon after Max was born. Ditto for working out and dieting now! We cannot really blame her too much here though! Jessica had, in fact, given in to food cravings during her pregnancy  which resulted in the curvy celeb positively looking bloated and huge.


Eric Johnson will also help her diet healthily reveals a source. Both of them have opted for a lot of fish on their menu and are trying to give up carbs for most part of the day. A high protein diet coupled with plenty of fresh fruits and veggies are what the experts recommend and Jessica is fiercely determined to stick to it as she want to have a dream wedding very soon.  As for the date, nothing has been finalized yet and the pop singer says, "I`d love to do it before the end of this year, but you just never know. I haven`t set a date yet."


Well, we sure hope that she fits into the wedding dress before long. Good Luck!


Image Credit-emyselfandi ; famefashionandfun.wordpress 


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Jessica Simpson Begins Post-Pregnancy Weight Loss