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A Happy Demi Moore Dines With Friends

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Demi Moore

The versatile and temperamental star, Demi Moore has not been a happy person lately. It was therefore, a pleasant surprise to see her spend time with friends over dinner, chatting and laughing away. Moore had indeed been seen as attracting trouble of all sorts in the recent times. First came the news of separation from hubby Ashton Kutcher and then she herself was hospitalized  after inhaling copious amounts of nitrous oxide. Daughter Scout being charged with intoxication just a couple of days earlier was the last straw yet. However, the actress seems to have gotten over it for now and is looking forward to happy times once again.


The staff and guests dining at the “RockSugar Pan Asian Kitchen” in Los Angeles were in for a treat when in trooped Demi Moore along with seven guests. They sat down and proceeded to order almost everything on the menu. And No, they did not stick to any specific type of cuisine either. In fact, a host of dishes cutting across borders in Asia adorned their table with the popular Thai green curry and Asian potstickers jostling with the very Indian dish of chicken tikka masala. A delectable dish of sea bass was favored by the entire entourage of Demi too. However, the crowd seemed reluctant to try out exotic Asian desserts and opted for the safe crème Brulee and homemade ice creams instead.


A source who witnessed the hot star tucking into her dinner at the asian eatery revealed, "The entire group [seemed] in high spirits, laughing and appearing to enjoy their night out.” The dinner was a great success given the casual and upbeat mood of the party. Demi was also extremely polite to the staff who waited on her during dinner.


Well, we certainly hope that everything goes well for the star now and we get to see her being a part of many more happy dinner parties in the future.


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A Happy Demi Moore Dines With Friends