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Lawson & Bourdain Team Up For New ABC Show!

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New TV Show

Laura Zilli may have called her a 'glutton' but who doesn't love Nigella Lawson? And who doesn't hate Anthony Bourdain (well, just joking!)? So, the new cooking show on ABC, "America's Hottest New Cooking Show," has something for the fans of both culinary personalities.


Both Bourdain and Lawson would be co-hosts on this show and will be expected to raise the oomph factor of the television show. Casting for the show has already begun and it will be produced by "Kinetic Content." The program will see the most skilled cooks in America fighting it out with each other while the two hosts moderate the show.


The show is, in fact, quite different from what either of the hosts has attempted before. The website promoting the new show has placed open calls to anyone who brings "one prepared dish to be served to the food judges." But the website also requests the interested candidates to apply online preferably. The program is open to anyone who has been a culinary student, a line cook, a sous chef, a restaurateur, an executive chef, or even a home cook. The show promises to help the participants brush up their skills in the company of renowned culinary experts.


Indicating something about this new venture of his, the foul-mouthed chef recently wrote on his blog that he was planning a "normal" family vacation where he would like to dote on his daughter and do what people usually do on a vacation. He further wrote in an email to a website, "It's true. I will be hosting a competitive reality series for ABC. I'm particularly looking forward to working with Nigella -- who's a friend from way back -- More to come later."


This will be a second diversion for Bourdain in recent times. He had earlier signed a travels how deal with CNN.


The fact that he loves Nigella Lawson and her cooking may serve as a reason to anticipate the new show on ABC. In a 2009 interview, Bourdain praised Nigella to a great extent, "I love Nigella, tearing off hunks of fatty pork. I was at dinner with Nigella and a bunch of guys, and we were all trying to out-macho each other, like 'I've eaten a live cobra heart!' Nigella has been rubbing her lips and says, 'When I was in Spain, they aborted a pig for me and roasted the fetus. Soooo good.'"


Well, we are not talking of cobra or pig's fetus. The program is all about pure culinary entertainment, we hope and when you have two such celebrated personalities co-hosting it, it should definitely be worth your while.


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Lawson & Bourdain Team Up For New ABC Show!