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Christina Dines Quietly After The Voice Finale

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Christina Aguilera

Christina Aguilera seemed to be in a mood for a treat after the season finale of “The Voices”. The temperamental star and coach of “The Voice” managed to remain low key on Saturday when she stepped into the fancy restaurant of Wolfgang Puck located within the Hotel Bel-Air premises. The celeb was in for some quiet family time which she spent with boyfriend Matt Rutler and four year old son Max.


The trio made their way to a secluded corner of the alcove which overlooked the garden. The dinner seemed to be a happy affair with Christina chatting away to the two prominent men in her life at present. The earlier days of trying to attract attention was forgotten and the entire dinner was conducted in a dignified and reserved manner. However, the food items that featured on the menu seemed to be far from simple. On the contrary, a source described it as being quite sophisticated.


The signature dish of osetra caviar decorated with some lacy looking crème fraîche snow around its edges was served to the star and her company. The other dishes were not as noticeable though and could have included anything from a dry celery filled Piedmontese agnolotti to the mouthwatering seafood scallop carpaccio that Puck’s eatery is renowned for. The famous California cuisine of the restaurant is to die for and Aguilera is likely not to have left without trying out the delectable Dover sole or the prime sirloin steak that has been the talk of the town for so long.


Not much alcohol was in evidence though. Maybe Christina and Matt has decided to keep their drinking habits on hold after being arrested last year on charges of public intoxication and DUI respectively.


Well, we wish the hot recording artist many more blissful moments with her family. Caviar does not have to feature on the menu all the time, right?


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Christina Dines Quietly After The Voice Finale