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Hot Chocolate Enhances The Chill Between Sofia & Ex

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Sofia Vergara Nick Loeb

The fiery actress of Columbian origin, Sofia Vergara,  was spotted at NYC today, enjoying a chocolatey drink with ex-beau, the multi-millionaire tycoon Nick Loeb.  The actress is fiercely independent and had split from Loeb as she was not inclined to settle down as yet. However, the pair seemed to be all charm and decided to make the oft repeated phrase of, “we remain good friends” true.


The duo met up at the trendy "Max Brenner Chocolate Shop" located at New York City but the onlookers say that they maintained a polite distance. There seemed to be nothing remotely connected with romance as both of them sipped on the mocha beverage. A source reports it as, “sat down, ordered [their drinks] and left – it was in-and-out."


The couple also thanked the manager for an excellent service and promised to revisit the shop soon before parting from each other. The "Modern Family" star hasn’t really been heartbroken about her split up with boyfriend Nick though. In fact, she had been spotted having fun at the island of Anguilla, soon after the breakup where she and her girlfriends lived it up in style sampling the local fare and traditional drinks of the Caribbean islands. What will happen to her careful dietary plans, we wonder ? First fried, greasy food and alcohol and then the hot chocolate!


However, the piping hot beverage prepared with coffee and chocolate and served with whipped cream and chocolate shavings on top failed to bring the estranged couple together. The romantic beverage only seemed to increase the chill in their relationship.


We hope to see more of the chirpy and cheerful Sofia on luncheon and dinner dates that are hot in more ways than one.


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Hot Chocolate Enhances The Chill Between Sofia & Ex