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Brad Paisley Keeps Italian Restaurant Open

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brad paisleyCountry music’s golden boy, Brad Paisley  decided to go for an impromptu meal at Patsy’s last Monday. He and his crew members accompanied by a few family members decided to gorge on the delicacies at the popular Italian eatery located on West 56th street of Manhattan. The restaurant was on the verging of closing owing to the late hours but decided to humor the musician instead and kept it open until Brad and his friends had their fill.


This seemed to be a pre-celebration of sorts as the crew ate and laughed heartily enjoying their time at the Italian joint. Chopped Italian salad , meatballs and thick dumplings known as gnocchi  was the food of their choice. Brad Paisley has been nominated for a couple of CMT awards for  collaborating on the song “Remind Me” with Carrie Underwood.


This is not the first time that the country singer’s name has cropped up in connection with food though. Paisley had, in fact, helped boost the food donations for Maryland Food Bank this February. People donating online had been given a chance of winning Brad Paisley and Band Perry concert tickets. A great way of espousing a noble cause indeed!


Brad is also due to perform at Chicago’s Wrigley Field this Saturday. The Windy City fans are in for a treat for sure. But the hungry singer might just decide to keep another restaurant open until the wee hours of morning as he gets set to wolf down a deep dish pizza this time! What do you think? Any possibility of history repeating itself here?


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Brad Paisley Keeps Italian Restaurant Open