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The British Monarch Has Such Simple Tastes!

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Elizabeth 1The Queen of Britain is mad about corn flakes, jam sandwiches and chocolate cake. If an account of Darren McGrady, her former personal chef, is to be believed, these are the foods for the 86-year-old British Monarch, which means, the Queen really is a woman of simple tastes.


1) Eating Royally


McGrady has written a book, “Eating Royally”, about the 15 years he has served the British Royal Family as Queen’s personal chef. The favorite foods of the Queen’s, as described by the book, are Special K cornflakes, chocolate cake, and Jam sandwiches. McGrady writes in the book that the Queen may host or attend elaborate state banquets, when at home, she prefers to enjoy uncomplicated food. In contrast, she doesn’t like the smell of garlic, as described in the book.


2) The Queen’s Daily Menu Elizabeth 2


Her Majesty’s day begins with a light breakfast, which consists of cereal, dried fruits, and macadamia nuts. The lunch is also simple, where she may eat grilled Dover sole, courgette, and wilted spinach. McGrady describes how she liked her fish, “She loved grilled Dover sole. Really simple, light and no sauce! Clean and simple, that was how she liked it.” The afternoon tea is a bit elaborate with a selection of cakes, sandwiches (made with de-crusted bread), and scones, although the Queen has a special tooth for chocolate cake. At dinner, she prefers Venison, while peaches, and finally rounds off her day with a generous amount of gin and Dubonnet.


3) The Chocolate Fixation


The Queen loved her regular fix of chocolate, which could be in form of a pie, or just chocolate. McGrady describes, “The Queen loves chocolate, and the Chocolate Perfection Pie was one of her favorites. It has three layers and I think the word perfection sums up her 60-year 

Elizabeth 3

reign. Chocolate is one of her favorites but when she dined alone she would just have a dish of fruit, an apple or a peach.”


4) Queen Loves Sandwiches


When eating on her own, the Queen loved to eat sandwiches made with de-crusted bread, whether white or brown. She also liked to have plain scones or fruits, ginger of chocolate cake during tea-time. But she would have just one or two sandwiches and just a sliver of cake, never more than that. One of her absolute favorites was the jam pennies, which McGrady used to spend a whole day making. These are miniature sandwiches made with raspberry jam and cut in the shape of an old English penny.


Believe it or not, the Queen also makes an effort to do some household work as McGrady writes, “At the end of the meal, the Queen will rinse the plates, that’s her contribution.” Well, a woman of simple tastes would not want the staff to do everything for her!


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The British Monarch Has Such Simple Tastes!