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David Arquette Joins Ecomom To Beat Child Hunger

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David Arquette

There is no cause more noble than feeding a hungry child. When Ecomom, an online retailer embarked upon this noble deed, guess who joined in? David Arquette! This is not the first time, however, that a celebrity has lent his or her name to such a charitable cause. Goldie Hawn did it when she appealed to the people to support the 50 cents hunger relief mission. So, David is obviously in good company.


In fact, he has already been attached with charitable causes in the past too when he volunteered for the “St. Joseph’s Food Pantry” in Venice, California for more than three years. Besides, he has been a long-term supporter of the “Feeding America” program.


David and Ecomom launched this program on May 30, 2012, during which they sensitized people towards the cause of feeding hungry children all across America, who do not get two square meals in a day because their parents are fighting hard to make ends meet.


Under this program, the company will feed a child, aged between 4 and 18 months, for a day for every purchase made of its products available on Dr. Alan Greene, MD, FAAP, who is a board member with Ecomom, explains the importance of solid foods in the growing years of a child, “The first year of solid foods is arguably the most important in our lives. Babies and toddlers’ growing bodies and brains are built from the food they eat, giving them healthy amounts of great food is one of the best gifts we can give.”


Impressed by the noble cause, David was at the St. Joseph’s Center for the launch of the program, called “It’s All Good.” Describing his presence at the charity program, one of the eye witnesses, said, “David was very hands on and even jumped to the back of the delivery truck and helped unload four huge palettes of baby food. When the families came to the pantry, David handed out the baby food.”



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David Arquette Joins Ecomom To Beat Child Hunger