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When In Rome The Zuckerbergs Eat At McDonalds

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Zuckerbergs Eat Fries and Burger

What does a 28 year old billionaire eat while on vacation in Italy? Gourmet, 4 star Italian food? Guess again! Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of the most popular social networking site Facebook,  was seen grabbing fast food from McDonalds last week. He and his bride Priscilla are currently enjoying their honeymoon in Europe. Surprisingly, the couple chose to chow down on familiar American fare, even though they were in one of the culinary capitals of the world!


Rome boasts at least 13 Michelin starred establishments with some of the most recognized names like Imàgo, Oliver Glowig and Il Pagliaccio dominating the city landscape. However, Mr & Mrs. Zuckerberg opted for a cheap 3 pound meal delivered in a brown paper bag, although they could have had a gourmet experience well within 100 pounds at any of these luxurious eateries.

Facebook CEO munching on fast food at Rome

The young couple enjoyed their food on the steps of Mignanelli, turning their austerity drive into a romantic rendezvous. But don't worry - the Zuckerbergs did take advantage of Italy's  culinary delights. They were also seen lunching on sea bass, fried artichokes and tomato ravioli at Nonna Betta, the Kosher trattoria. Seems like Mark wanted to follow the old adage of “When in Rome do as the Romans do”, after all! The bill came to a reasonable 32 Euros, but the Facebook billionaire walked away without leaving a tip, surprising a disappointed waiter.

Zuckerbergs at Nonna Betta

Facebook has been hit with a $3.2 billion loss since it went public a couple of weeks ago. That is no excuse for penny pinching though, as Mark Zuckerberg is still worth $9.4 billion, an amount that we ordinary folks can only dream about! The Zuckerbergs also frequented a number of low cost cafes and stayed clear of pricey hotels and restaurants during the Roman leg of their honeymoon. Excited onlookers were quick to report several sightings of the newlywed couple  at the Sistine Chapel and Pierluigi's where they were seen tucking into fish carpaccio, oysters and prawns along with other varieties of seafood.


The couple finally bid adieu to the "Eternal City", flying over it aboard a luxurious helicopter. A strange combination of parsimony and indulgence! Why do you think the Zuckerbergs opted for McDonalds when vacationing in Rome? Was it just cheapness, or perhaps nostalgia? Let us know in the comments!



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When In Rome The Zuckerbergs Eat At McDonalds