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Holocaust Survivor Sex Therapist’s Take On Sex!

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Dr. Ruth 1You are well aware of the fact that drinking red wine works wonders for your sex life! Well, Dr. Ruth Westheimer, a Holocaust survivor and sex therapist, is going to take it a step further. She has decided to market a wine with “just the right amount of alcohol” to “awaken your senses and arouse you.” Sounds delightful, doesn’t it? Read on to know more...


1) Dr. Ruth’s Fascinating World


Dr. Ruth’s fascination with sex toys is no secret. In fact, she has made quite a name for herself with regular sex advice radio shows (which she began doing in 1980), television programs, syndicated columns, and more than 35 books. However, that is not all. She also has a personal website, on which there are videos and games to help you improve your sex life. The fact that her website is fire-walled on most official networks speaks volumes about the kind of content that the pint-sized doctor is plying. But there is no malice involved here, just plain sex advice so that everybody can have a good time! She will be celebrating her 84th birthday soon and her last husband, her third, died a few years ago. But there is no stopping this octogenarian from doling out sex advice to all and sundry. In fact, a few years ago, she had rejected the idea of launching her own line of wines along with other aids that she was endorsing for better sexual life. But, apparently, the lady has changed her mind!


2) Her Vin d’Amour


Average wine, whether red or white, has about 13% alcohol content in it but Dr. Ruth’s wine will have just 6% alcohol content. The lady explains why that is so, “I’m always saying couples should drink to relax, but not too much. If [the woman] drinks too much, she falls asleep and if [the man] drinks too much, he can’t perform. My idea is that just the right amount [of alcohol] will awaken your senses and arouse you.” Starting July this year, Dr. Ruth will launch three of these low-alcohol wines throughout America. The wine will be sourced out of California and will be sold in grocery shops, bodegas, and even some select eateries.


3) The Alcohol effect Dr. Ruth 2


Falling asleep, or non-performance, due to over-consumption of alcohol is a common problem among couples, whether married or not. In fact, Dr. Ruth says, “It is the same problem for gay couples.” So, you see, the problem is all-persistent and needs a solution, which Dr. Ruth has come up with. Although, there have been other proposals to boost the sex life like Dr. Ruth panties, Dr. Ruth popcorn, but the German-born sex therapist has declined to market them. But in case of the low-alcohol wine, she seems to have made up her mind.


She is known for her frank talk about sex and ever since she went on air with her radio show “Sexually Speaking,” there has been no stopping Dr. Ruth to dole out remedies to people’s sexual problems. You may already be aware of the six reasons to drink wine. Well, Dr. Ruth has just given you one more reason to do so!


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Holocaust Survivor Sex Therapist’s Take On Sex!