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Beckham’s Lunch Date With Mom

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Lunch with Mom- David Beckham

A famous sports star in his own right and husband of Posh Spice, Beckham can do no wrong in the eyes of his fans. He warmed the hearts of millions of his older fans today with his impromptu act of taking his mom out for lunch as soon as he hit London.


The 37 year old footballer looked as fit as a fiddle as he stopped to pick up his mother and drive her to “Tony Lane’s Pie & Mash shop” located at Waltham Abbey, Essex. The father of four remains a boy at heart and just cannot seem to have enough of his favorite food i.e. pie and mash when he is back home. Tony Lane’s eatery has held his fancy for a long seven years now and the hot star had also insisted on paying for the delivery of his favorite dish for the “Tottenham Hotspurs players “ after he had ended his training at the “White Hart Lane” in 2011. The quaint eatery has gained itself a reputation of sorts after it was featured in “The Only Way is Essex” in October last year. Eddie Kidd, Jade Goodie, Harry Reknapp and Rod Stewart are other celebrities to have frequented this place over the years.

Tony Lane's Pie and Mash

Beckham almost always insists on a double helping of the signature pie and mash dish along with a side order of jellied eels, all to be washed down with some parsley liquor. The footballer posted a photo of his lunch with mom, Sandra on Facebook and went on to say that, "As I'm sure you would have expected I had a pie and mash lunch today with my mum. There is nothing better."

David Beckham- Pie n Mash

Pie and mash has been a traditional delicacy of Britain since time immemorial and consists of a pastry known as the coffin and a minced beef filling. The top and the base of the pie are entirely different here with the former being more flaky and the latter resembling a soft suet pudding. The original form of the dish does not contain any onions or veggies but recipes abound with each English family having their own that has been handed down from generation to generation. It is no wonder, therefore, that David Beckham would have a weakness for this traditional dish especially as he cannot get to eat it as often as he would like being based in Los Angeles now.


We hope that the dutiful son manages to bring his mother to lunch more often and no, we aren’t calling him a “Momma’s Boy” for his thoughtful gesture.


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Beckham’s Lunch Date With Mom