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Kate Joins The Buckingham Palace Garden Tea Party

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Kate at Garden Tea Party

The traditional garden party given by the reigning Queen took place on Tuesday, 29th May as Queen Elizabeth II threw open the Buckingham Palace gardens for close friends and associates of the Royal family. This is the second such event to be held in the place grounds this year. The event had been started by Queen Victoria back in the 1860s and is now considered to be linked with public recognition of service by the citizens of Britain. The occasion is also thought to be one of the highlights of the spring-summer season in London.


It was a first for the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton though and she seemed hardly bothered by the fact that she was seen wearing the same dress twice in only 11 days.  She had worn it for the Windsor Castle lunch just a few days back. She appeared to be mingling with the guests who were being served by 400 members of the staff. The menu consisted of 27,000 cups of the royal tea along with finely cut cucumber sandwiches. There were almost 20,000 slices of cake devoured by the members of public at the Royal gardens on Tuesday afternoon too. The British version of the summer BBQ event also saw the guests sampling crumpets baked specially for the occasion. Iced coffee in tall glasses and miniature chocolate mousse cakes were an added attraction for the guests this year.


The Queen conferred the honor of “The Earle of Strathearn” on William who could not attend the occasion as he is away attending to his duties in the North of Wales. The Duke of Cambridge is an active member of the “Royal Air Force Search and Rescue squadron” at present. Kate, however, admitted to being “slightly nervous” as she walked among almost 8,000 guests and had tea with them.  She also gasped  aloud when she learnt that the guests consumed 14 cakes each on an average, “Gosh, no, really? Well I had better see what I can do about that!” was her reaction.


The other members of the Royal family included the Duke of Wales and Camilla, Price Edward with Sophie Wessex, his wife and the Queen’s daughter Princess Anne.


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Kate Joins The Buckingham Palace Garden Tea Party