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Former Royal Chef Says Queen Hates Garlic!

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Darren McGrady, who has worked in the Royal kitchen, first for Queen Elizabeth II and, then, for Princess Diana (from 1993-97) has spilled the beans on most of the Royal Family’s idiosyncrasies regarding food and eating habits. His book, “eating Royally: Recipes and Remembrances From a Palace Kitchen,” is available for £15.99 and anybody interested in knowing what or how the Royal Family eats, can learn a thing or two from it. For instance garlc keeps the Queen away! Interested, read on...



The most amusing observation that Darren reveals in his book is that Queen hates garlic, spicy food, and doesn’t like to waste food. About the frugal ways of the Queen, Darren narrates an incident in which a chef used a whole lemon to garnish a salmon dish for Her Majesty. Darren writes, “The Queen actually sent the lemon back, saying, ‘This is a waste.’” We wonder, then, what the Queen would do with the “Duckingham Palace” that is being presented to her for the Diamond Jubilee celebrations?


In fact, if any of the Princes brought back an animal or two from their hunting expedition, the chefs were expected to serve it promptly at the next meal. Darren explains, “They (the Royals) never wanted to waste anything they’d shot themselves; it seemed more personal.”


Darren considers working at the Buckingham Palace as the “most nerve-racking culinary performance” of his career because he was scrutinized for each action that he carried out in the kitchen. Talking about his earliest assignments at Buckingham Palace, Darren wrote, “One of my first jobs at Windsor Castle was peeling carrots for the horses.” Talking about the favorite foods of other members of the Royal Family, Darren writes, “If Prince Andrew is coming for lunch, his favorite is crème brûlée… if Prince William is coming to tea, he likes chocolate biscuit cake.”


As for the Queen, Her Majesty liked to keep abreast of the recipes being tried out in the Royal Kitchen, says Darren. He informs that he used to share each recipe with the Queen before trying it out himself.


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Former Royal Chef Says Queen Hates Garlic!