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Brad Believes In “Killing Them Softly” At Cannes

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brad pitt at cannes

Hot Celeb Brad Pitt is in Cannes at the moment, busy with the promotion of his film, “Killing Them Softly” which premiered at the Cannes Film Festival. He celebrated his latest flick and also supported the violence in the film which he said was an integral part of gangster movies.


The party was sponsored by the makers of the world renowned whisky “Johnny Walker Blue Label” and alcohol flowed freely  with bottles priced at $250 being handed out all round.  The guests were also roaming around on the grounds of Pitt’s St George Villa in buggies. The intimate party saw close to 100 men, all of whom seemed to be having a whale of a time drinking and puffing on expensive cigars. Brad’s pals included Ray Liotta, Kylie Minogue, Chris Tucker, and  Diddy with the later being invited to share a drink in celebration of his recent engagement to Angelina Jolie who was missing in Cannes.


Brad Pitt along with the other invitees then joined Diddy for an engagement celebration aboard his yacht. It was akin to a bachelor party and went on until the wee hours of morning. While the menu or the specific foods served remain unknown, it is bound to be an array of non-fattening eats. Pitt is known for his chiseled body and believes in eating healthy. Wholegrain cereals and fruits happen to be a necessary part of his daily diet . The “sexiest man alive” is a vegetarian by choice and was quite vociferous about how he abhorred the way the cows are butchered for hamburgers. He was,  in fact,  talking about the violence in his latest film “Kiling Them Softly” and went on to add, “Ever seen them butcher a cow for hamburger? It's incredibly brutal and violent. We live in a very violent world."


Well, here’s wishing the Brad all success both with his film and impending marriage to long time partner Angelina Jolie. 


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Brad Believes In “Killing Them Softly” At Cannes