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Bachelorette Stars Bake Together On Their First Date

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Ryan & Emily

It is the turn of the Bachelorette to head straight for the kitchen now! Yes, you guessed it right! Monday’s episode of the hit show featured the athletic looking macho coach Ryan donning a frilly apron and whipping up a host of delectable delights in the kitchen of Emily Maynard, the 26 year old single mother.  It is actually difficult to imagine the hot and macho Ryan trying his hand at baking. But that it is the way it had been planned out.


The cosy time that Ryan got to spend during his date included helping Emily add chocolate chips to the cookie batter . It is a wonderful way of showing that you care thinks the handsome coach. Ryan confessed that the very act of helping Emily in the kitchen helped to add a touch of romance. He actually admitted, "We're hanging out in her kitchen and I'm thinking that this is exactly what life could be like if I was a part of her life.”


His date seemed to be suitably impressed with his cookie making skills too. Both Emily and Ryan went out to the Italian restaurant , Osso for dinner later on as the following part of their date and  watched the country band, Gloriana in live action  singing “Kissed You Good Night”.


Emily, the star of Bachelorette seemed to be quite content though. Just a bit reluctant to give Ryan full marks, she quips, “It's too soon to tell how Ryan would treat me and how he'd be in a marriage, but he totally passed the cookie test!"


You can certainly catch all the cookie making action live on ABC today at 8 PM (EST). Do you agree that cooking together makes the heart grow fonder? Do write in with your comments.


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Bachelorette Stars Bake Together On Their First Date