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Anthony Bourdain Is Ready To Eat A Human!

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AnthonyAnthony Bourdain is no stranger to bizarre foods. He has eaten sheep testicles, seal eyeballs, ant eggs, and a raw cobra so far and now he is ready to digest a human being! Here it is-Yes, he is ready to eat  humans, if you did not read it properly the first time. Bourdain was sharing his thoughts on cannibalism to a live audience at The Great GoogaMooga Festival recently. Read on to know more about his candid admissions at the event:


1) Eating a Human


It was when Bourdain was asked by a member of the audience what he would do if both of them were trapped in a cave. In other words, Bourdain was asked, “would he eat him?” The foul-mouthed chef and Television anchor was much more forthcoming in his reply, as he said, “F**k yeah. Yes, yes, I f**king would.” He made it clear to the man that he would not hesitate in cooking him as a slow braise if he was caught up in such a bizarre situation ever. However, to make light of the situation, Bourdain added that he would opt for a bag of Doritos before eating another human being.


2) A Scathing Attack


However, that member of audience was not the only one who bore the brunt of Bourdain’s ire. As he warmed up to more queries from the Festival audience, someone asked him who was it that Bourdain would love to eat deep fried. If you thought that a forthcoming answer was not in the offing, you are wrong. Bourdain didn’t take much time in saying that he would want to deep fry Dick Cheney! Oops! There goes another controversy.


3) The Punching Bag


However, it seemed that the firebrand chef was in a mood to take on all of his rivals that day. His next target was, who else, but Paula Deen, who has, off late, appeared as his favorite punching bag. He had last taken a swipe at Deen when the latter had admitted that she was suffering from Type 2 Diabetes. Bourdain talked about the time before Deen admitted to her condition and said that that was the time when the celebrity cook was still “licking icing off of Robert Irvine’s stomach.”

4) Olive Garden & Foie Gras Supporters


Even after saying a lot about a lot of topics, it seemed that Bourdain was still not satisfied as he trained his guns on the restaurants such as Olive Garden and the James Beard House (JBH). Taking an extreme approach, he said that he would like to pick a “big f**king can of gasoline” to burn down the place because they made very bad pasta. About the JBH he said, “Why don’t they turn the house into something useful like a methadone clinic.” He was also not very appreciative of those who were up in arms against foie gras consumption. He had a plan to spite those supporting a ban on foie gras, “I would f**king eat it for the rest of my life out of sheer spite.”


Anthony Bourdain is not known for his kind words. His stance is always offensive rather than defensive. It seems the Great GoogaMooga Festival provided him with the right kind of audience to play to the gallery. Though, some of his opinions may appear a bit extreme, he is not afraid to voice his thoughts, whatever be the consequences. Do you like his confidence or would you call it his overconfidence? Write in with your comments.


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Anthony Bourdain Is Ready To Eat A Human!