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Madonna’s ‘Inner Horticulture’ Diet Works Wonders

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Madonna dietAt the ripe age of 53, the pop diva Madonna can give girls half her age a run for their money, all thanks to her “inner horticulture” diet, which she has been practicing for quite sometime now. She takes care of the “inner bacteria” and the bacteria, in turn, take care of her metabolism and body. So, is it any wonder that the “Material Girl” still manages to look like a million, no,  a billion bucks? Look at the picture on the left if you are still unconvinced. However, there is more to this story, as you will get to know while you read further.


1) The ‘Gardening’ Diet


 Madonna follows a simple dieting routine – the gardening. This doesn’t mean that she is getting down and dirty in her kitchen garden or lawn with a trowel at hand, nope Sir! The pop star eats dishes made with fermented soy beans, brown rice, and millet, prepared by her personal chef, Mayumi Nishimura. These fermented dishes contribute to a healthy growth of bacteria in her intestines, which, in turn, keeps her healthy, with a natural glow on her face and body. The fibre-rich food, fermented to facilitate the growth of good bacteria, helps Madonna in keeping the helpful microbes in her intestines happy, so that they, in return, help her to digest her food properly, and avoid disease such as colon cancer. You may be forgiven for looking at it as just another celebrity diet myth but experts are in favor of Madonna.


2) Expert Opinion


While you may still be grossed out about the photographic description of Madonna’s bowel-enriching diet, the experts feel the star is following the right diet at a time when we keep hearing about the crazy celebrity diets like the baby food diet of Jennifer Aniston (Not that she should be complaining anymore). David Topping, Chief Food-Nutrition Researcher at the “Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization”, in Adelaide, Australia, supports Madonna’s diet plan. He says, “This diet that Madonna is following is very sensible. The bacteria that live inside you are fulfilling very important functions.” Considering the fact that Topping has been studying gut biology for the past quarter of a decade should help you believe what he says.


3) Madonna’s Diet


Her chef, who has been cooking for cancer patients before this, rustles up dishes made with quinoa, vegetables, and soy sauce as well as whole grains. Nishimura also makes sure that Madonna gets her dose of seaweed every alternate day and she prefers to eat it either sautéed or boiled. Speaking about his client’s dietary habits, termed macrobiotic, Nishimura says, “We eat food processed as little as possible.” Madonna also doesn’t include meat, dairy or coffee in her diet as far as possible. Nishimura herself follows this diet and speaking about its after effects, she says, “When you cut out animal products, white sugar and coffee for 10 days you start to feel the difference. When I first began this diet, I remember how my head became clearer, I woke up earlier and felt so fresh in the morning that I didn’t want to stay in bed. As for Madonna, Nishimura ensures that her employer’s meals are different each day, which is why she herself shops for the ingredients. When asked which are Madonna’s favorite dishes, Nishimura said they were – seaweed in miso soup, hijiki with carrots and onions, and cooked oats for breakfast.


4) Bacteria in the Gut Madonna


For starters, the number of bacteria lining the human body’s intestinal tract is 10 times the number of cells in the body. Scientist have devoted a long time researching the impact of these bacteria on the human digestive system and overall wellbeing. One such researcher is Lita Proctor, who works as a coordinator at the “Human Microbiome Project” at the “National Human Genome Institute in Bethesda, Maryland. She says, “It’s extremely heartening and healthy to have so much attention now paid to the diet.” Her cautionary words that the research is still in a nascent stage do not mean that the industry is holding up on this revelation. Proctor admits, “It’s a very fluid, ill-defined area, but with a lot of terrific interest.” The proof lies in the number of companies that have jumped on to the probiotics bandwagon, with products ranging from tablets, supplements, to energy drinks, and even probiotic ice creams.


Madonna is presently busy preparing for her world tour, which begins this month in Tel Aviv and will go on till next March, traversing 75 concerts across Europe and North America. And the fact that she is showing no signs of slowing down even at this age, speaks volumes for her “macrobiotic” diet.


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Madonna’s ‘Inner Horticulture’ Diet Works Wonders