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Lady Gaga’s Carnivore Avatar Resurfaces!

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Lady Gaga

Whatever pop diva Lady Gaga dons now is enough to the pop eyes out of sockets and this is something the eccentric singer seems to have judged clearly about herself. Perhaps, that is why, she has decided to revisit one of the most outrageous costumes that she ever worn – the meat dress.  Lady Gaga decided to don the fake one this time though!  Thank God for small mercies!


She wore the dress for a rehearsal of her “Born This Way Ball” tour and, thankfully, it was made of fabric designed and cut to look like slabs of raw meat. The 26-year-old superstar singer posted on her Twitter account a picture of her sporting the meat dress in a new avatar. The dress is designed as a frock  with a bustier top and puffed skirt. The excess element is that while rehearsing wearing that dress, Lady Gaga was surrounded by plastic carcasses. She really can’t get gross enough!


When she first wore a meat dress  in September 2010, the audience was aghast at her extreme behavior. In fact, many could not believe their eyes when they saw the pop star dressed in blood-red layers of raw meat. Describing her dress to MTV, Fran Fernandez, the dress designer, said, “The dress is indeed real meat from my family butcher. Fernandez spent 48 hours getting that dress together and all of it was made with the flank steak, which cost about $100.


She may have ditched food to get slim  but there is no way Lady Gaga is going to let you go off meat. At least her sartorial senses seem to be attacking the same point again and again. Do you feel like giving up meat on seeing her dressed like this? Write in with your comments.


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Lady Gaga’s Carnivore Avatar Resurfaces!