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Woody Allen Takes LiLo Out For Dinner

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Lindsay Lohan

Guess who’s gonna be Woddy Allen’s next muse? It is none other than ‘Tragedy Girl’ Lindsay Lohan. Both were seen having dinner at Philippe, a trendy Manhattan restaurant recently. While there is no indication about any upcoming film projects, speculations are rife that Allen and Lohan may be joining hands for a movie soon.


What sparked off the speculations about both being a team was the fact that Allen and Lohan were seen to be “deep in discussion” for about 60 minutes. While this is not the first time that the two celebrities, in their own right, are meeting, the proximity of this dinner was not lost on the onlookers. The director and the actor also spent time chatting with each other at the amfAR Gala and before that, they also shared some time together at a New Year’s eve party.


Allen’s driver picked up Lohan from the Mercer Hotel. She was wearing a floral coat over an off-white silk dress with tights. She was walking in gray pumps. This dinner must have really been a great news for Lindsay, simply because her career has been going nowhere, since it started getting entangled in legal troubles. Moreover, it is every actor’s dream to work with Woody Allen at least once during their film career.


This dinner was a far cry from last year’s Thanksgiving when Lohan spent her time in jail for one of her many offences. While speculators are speculating that a big film with someone like Allen would surely be a breath of fresh air for the strangulated career of Lohan, it remains to be seen what was actually cooking besides delicious food at the dinner between the two of them.


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Woody Allen Takes LiLo Out For Dinner