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A Quiet Dinner For The Kardashian Klan

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The Kardashian sisters have had enough of drama! This seemed to be the general feeling as the sisters were spotted together with their respective partners last night when they entered the ‘Hurricane Club’ in New York City. Kim, Khloe, and Kourtney did not cause any eyebrows to rise as they sat sedately and enjoyed the fare at this exceptional eatery specializing in Polynesian food.


Kanye West sat at the head of the table and smiled at girlfriend Kim throughout the meal. Rob Kardashian along with Kelly Osbourne also sipped delicately at the exotic drinks served in hollowed out watermelon shells while everybody else helped themselves to the array of sticky-sweet hors d'oeuvres from the pupu platter.

Pupu platter

The traditional grilled chicken, died fish and banana slices have undergone a sophisticated change at the happening restaurant, 'Hurricane Club'. But no one is complaining! Certainly not the Kardashians! Kourt, sporting an obvious baby bump nibbled at the delectable devilled eggs cooked in Samoan style with the fried shrimps and bite sized portions of Peking Duck sandwiches being enjoyed by the entire family as they sat and talked quietly amid the classy settings of the restaurant.


Khloe and husband Lamar seemed to be in a subdued mood, whispering to each other throughout the evening. However, they dutifully posed for an occasional photograph with the family.    


All in all, the clan of Kardashians had a whale of a time tasting the faux Polynesian cuisine at NYC. We are enjoying it though. It is indeed rare to catch the Kardashian sisters together and we are simply having a blast “Keeping Up with the Kardashians”.


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A Quiet Dinner For The Kardashian Klan