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Want To Learn The Art Of Eating Oysters? Ask Charlie's Angel Minka Kelly

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Eating Oysters The Right Way With Minka Kelly

How do you eat oysters? Just grab a few and slurp them down? If you think you have got it right, then think again!. Relishing oysters is an art. And,  Charlie's Angles actress, Minka Kelly tells you why…


Nah! This is not a cooking class or cookery show I am talking about. This American actress was seen slurping down the seafood along with her two friends at "Pearl Dive Oyster Palace", Washington D.C. She was giving them some interesting tips also while her hands and mouth were full of oysters.


And, it was really surprising to see Minka gorging on blue crab cakes and Kentucky Derby pie alongside the seafood.  According to an eye witness, "She [seemed] very happy. [The group] was all laughing with each other. Minka was very sweet, at ease and casual. She [seemed] really fun."


The story is not complete! Minka was so happy with the appreciation she received from one of her fans, who currently is deployed in Afghanistan, that she went ahead and paid this guy's bill. Voila! Kelly! This is what is called generosity!



And, thank you, Kelly, for teaching us the art of eating oysters? Right, friends?


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Want To Learn The Art Of Eating Oysters? Ask Charlie's Angel Minka Kelly