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Mila Kunis Stops By Sin City To Promote Film

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Mila KunisMila Kunis, the 70’s Show star was seen accompanying James Franco at Sin City, last Tuesday. The duo were busy promoting their latest flick, “Oz the Great and Powerful”  at Las Vegas. The co-stars were seen at the ‘CinemaCon 2012’ and left after a short time.


The 28-year-old sexy star had often made it to the front covers and ‘hot 100’ lists of magazines before. Onlookers say that she looked quite cute and girlish in high heels and a shorts. There were no rumors of her “Friends with benefits” relationship with Ashton Kutcher this time though. The stars were all business and departed shortly after the brief promotional event.


Franco was later spotted enjoying dinner with not one or two but a trio of girl friends at the elegant “Tao Asian Bistro” in casino city. The menu spoke volumes about James Franco’s love for everything Chinese as the table in front of them got laden with fried rice, lobster wantons as well as those special Chinese sausages.  Seabass seemed to be the lone exotic item that the star favored. Not for them the exotic Kobe beef or Peking Duck that have been labeled as specialties of this newest hot spot for entertainment and fine dining at Las Vegas.

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Well, the dinner menu certainly boasted something more than what Mila got on her weekend retreat with long time pal, Ashton. The two were seen having coffee  after a long and intimate sushi  lunch! Now, is that a sign of romance brewing ? No one knows for sure as Mila keeps denying anything more than friendship. A friend strongly supports her too, “No! They're so not dating.”


We are keeping our fingers crossed for now and hope to see more action from the young and vivacious Mila  apart from popping out of her weekend home to pick up fruits and a lovely bunch of sunflowers.


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Mila Kunis Stops By Sin City To Promote Film