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“Friends With Kids” Star, Megan Fox Is Pregnant!

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Megan Fox


Megan Fox, the ultimate seductress is about to start a family soon! Yes folks, the woman voted as the “sexiest woman alive” remains as hot as ever. However, rumors are rife now about Fox being pregnant with her first child. It has been confirmed by E! News which carried an exclusive report on it. She had tied the knot with Brian Austin Green  in July 2010.


Megan owes her enviable figure to intense workouts which is a mixture of cardios and circuit training but she is just too lazy to work out by herself and hires a trainer who has to cajole her into exercising, confesses the sexy Transformers actress.


She is most known for her diet though and most of us believe that it is a successful combo of the Paleo Diet and cutting calories that gives her the sexy, hot bod. Giving up food is no hardship for the star as she tries to stick to what our ancestors did eons ago. Yes! She simply lives on protein, veggies, and fruits, forgoing all kinds of sugary substances as well as grains. Eggs happen to be her best friend too and Megan is believed to eat a hearty breakfast of eggs which keeps her raring to go. Munching on almonds helps her in staving off hunger while its Vitamin E content rejuvenates her skin. One look at her radiant and glowing complexion, and we certainly don’t have any trouble believing her.


And to think Megan had given up the wonders of animal protein after swearing to be a vegan, not so long ago. Thankfully, she realized her folly when she started losing weight at an alarming pace and is now back to her curvaceous best once again!


We sure hope that she remains true to her body by following a healthy and nutritious diet during the happy time that lies ahead. This sure is great  news for the couple especially for the “Friends with Kids” actress who admitted that she’d always been maternal and would just love to have one or maybe two kids. Megan is stepmother to Kassius, Green’s son, who is 10 years old now.


Well, Congratulations are in order and here’s hoping that the sexy star is blessed with an equally gorgeous baby soon!


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“Friends With Kids” Star, Megan Fox Is Pregnant!