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Mariah’s Favorite Breakfast Hub in NYC !

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Mariah Carey


Mother of twins and celebrated pop star, Mariah Carey, has found the perfect place to have breakfast in  Big Apple. It is ‘Cafeteria,’ an eatery in the Chelsea neighborhood of New York. After living on pregnancy food for quite a while, the singing star is, of course, entitled to some fab food and that is what she was looking for when she reached the diner. Read more about it here...


1) The Cafeteria


When Mariah came to Cafeteria, along with a group of friends, recently, she came in a black Bentley. Just as she entered the 24-hour diner, the staff went into a tizzy and so did the rest of the customers. A source who was present on the occasion, told the media later, “They pulled up in a black Bentley and made quite a stir.”


2) Omelet and Mimosas


While there is no information on what the rest of the group ate, the mommy of two ordered a spinach omelet with caramelized onions, and goat cheese. She washed it down with mimosas and thus ended her leisurely afternoon brunch. However, that is just a part of the story.


3) Mariah Comes BackMariah Carey 2


The news is that Mariah came to Cafeteria, not once, but twice. Yes! The very next day, she came in early morning at 6 am and gorged upon a bagel with lox, a catfish fry, and some OJ. And yes, she was dressed down in leggings, a T-shirt and heels.


Well, all this may look like a publicity stunt, but insiders reveal that she actually liked the food and the ambience. So, now if you wanna go Mariah-spotting, make sure you stake out Cafeteria in the Chelsea.


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Mariah’s Favorite Breakfast Hub In NYC !