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Lady Gaga Ditches Food For A Slim Look

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Lady Gaga Starving To Become Slimmer?

It looks like Lady Gaga is sticking on to what she had said a few days back. Her tweet on celebrities, their diet, and eating disorders had triggered off a massive firework of debates. 


I was actually wondering whether this singer was actually advocating extreme dieting for going from flab to fab. Nevertheless, it looks like the assumption is correct. If sources are to be believed, then this Poker face singer is sticking onto five small meals a day. She is following the diet plan prescribed by nutritionist Harley Pasternak, and seems to be relishing more of fresh spinach, sugar snap peas, and aubergines. Of course, she has the permission to gorge on whatever she wants to, but just once in a week.


A slim-and-trim Lady Gaga is sure to sizzle at the "Born This Way Ball" world tour, but I am worried. Hadn’t she mentioned that she had suffered from bulimia as a teenager? Lady Gaga, are you sure you have chosen the right way?


Let us wait and watch the effects of this diet on Lady Gaga! All the best dear Lady!

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Lady Gaga Ditches Food For A Slim Look