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Starbucks CEO Says French Press Coffee Is The Best!

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Howard SchultzYou would think that the CEO of America’s largest coffee chain, Starbucks, would know a thing or two about how to make the best coffee? Well, Howard Schultz does know that but he doesn’t know much about marketing, or so it seems. That is because Schultz said in an interview that French Press coffee is the “best cup of coffee known to mankind.” And he makes this coffee at home, not in any of the thousands of Starbucks outlets in America or elsewhere. Pity, he is the Starbucks’ CEO.


1) The Interview


In a controversial statement during an interview, Schultz admitted that the best way to make coffee was not that of his own brand but that of a French press, which he himself uses at home. Schultz explains that the French press is instrumental in bringing in “oils, flavor and essence of blends” to your cup of coffee. He also told the interviewer that he doesn’t buy pre-ground coffee and preferred to buy his own bag of coffee beans and grind them at home.


2) Critics Pounce


The critics were quick to pounce up on the Starbucks’ CEO’s contradictory statement. Media reported that even if Schultz was using his own brand of coffee beans, which come at about $14 a bag, each cup of coffee made with that bag is costing him just 46 cents. Compare this to the $2.01 charged for a cup of Americano at any of the Manhattan Starbucks stores. That is plain injustice and hope, Schultz is listening!


3) Passionate Schultz French Press


The way Schultz talks about his home-technique of making coffee, you would feel that that is the only thing he does all day:

“Put approximately two tablespoons of coffee per cup in the glass beaker. Let your filtered water reach a rolling boil before you pour it in. After the water and coffee steep for thre to four minutes, stir it to make sure the grinds are wet and submerged. Then press the coffee down. I never add milk to my French press, absolutely no milk.”


4) The Oddities 


During the interview, Schultz lovingly described his method of coffe-making at home, “The French press should not be on a burner, transfer the coffee to a thermos. Drink it within an hour or two at the max.” Those who still feel that the CEO betrayed his company can have another think. Some think that this might be a clever promotional trick on part of Schultz because the Starbucks website sells the French coffee press for $19.95.  


Starbucks is currently the third largest restaurant food chain, only behind McDonald’s and Subway, says the Technomic. With its sales figures rising 39% in the past 6 years, Starbucks seems set for a comfortable future. Never mind a betraying boss! Meanwhile, if you want to make your own cup, learn how to brew French press coffee and decide whether the CEO of the US coffee chain knows best.


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Starbucks CEO Says French Press Coffee Is The Best!