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One Direction’s Niall Horan Spits Out Vegemite On TV!

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Vegemite 1Their Australian fans would certainly not be happy about what the biggest boy band, One Direction’s Niall Horan did the other day on national television. Horan spit out Vegemite after taking a bite into the toast covered in it. No wonder, it is regarded as, one of the 5 weirdest Australian snacks. Horan was offered a taste of a Vegemite toast, he took a bite, made a pathetic face, and then spit it into his hands while his band mates watched amused. But that is not all as he also went on to say, “Vegemite is horrible!” Not quite the right thing to say to Australians on Australian TV, Eh?


1) One Direction in Australia


After enjoying a good time traveling around America, promoting their music, the band members are headed to Australia now where they will meet their fans, attend events, and give interviews. Their Australia stay began with the “world’s biggest boy band” being greeted by hysterical fans. It was in this vein that the One Direction stars were invited to attend the Channel 7 breakfast show, ‘Sunrise’ for an interview.


2) Local Delicacies Vegemite 2


Each of the band members was asked to pick up one local delicacy and try it on the show. So, after spending a day at the Sydney Harbor, the One Direction boys – Zayn Malik, Liam Payne, Louis Tomlinson, Niall Horan, and Harry Styles -  headed to the Channel 7 studio and try out one local dish each. While Zayn got to eat a pineapple lump, Harry was able to polish off meat pie, Louis finished Caramello chocolate, and Liam was able to try the Tim-Tams biscuits.


3) Horan’s Brush With Vegemite


While his band mates got off easily, Horan got the worst deal of all – Vegemite, which is a very popular snack item in Australia. He was asked to taste a slice of toast with Vegemite on top. Horan had a dubious look on his face when he took a bite of the toast. However, it was not long before he spat out the dark food paste even as the audience and other band members were thrown into a fit of giggles. Luckily, Zayn passed him a tissue and Horan was able to spit out the bite. Before the other TV channels had any such ideas, Horan took to twitter and wrote, “Can clearly say Vegemite is horrible! Like tryin’ new stuff though.”


While there are no reactions from the Australian or American fans of the band,  the Vegemite lovers will surely not like Horan’s behavior. What do you think about Vegemite? Do you love it or hate it? Write in here. Meanwhile, watch Horan in action!


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One Direction’s Niall Horan Spits Out Vegemite On TV!