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Chef Sanjeev Kapoor’s White House Kitchen Tour

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                                        Sanjeev Kapoor

Months after Chef Vikas Khanna created magic in the White House kitchen, another Indian chef Sanjeev Kapoor paid a visit to the historic kitchen too, albeit just as a visitor. Kapoor was personally taken around on a tour of the US President, Barack Obama’s kitchen by the White House executive chef, William ‘Bill’ Yosses. Let's see how it went...


1) A Rare Insight


Accompanied by K. N. Vinod, another prominent Indian-American chef based in Washington and owner of three popular Indian restaurants in the US capital, Kapoor went on the White House kitchen tour. The tour was followed by an intense discussion with the team of White House chefs.


2) Yossess Loves Indian Food


It is a matter of chance that the White House executive chef himself is a connoisseur of Indian food and he was only happy to give Kapoor and Vinod a tour of his area of expertise in the White House. In fact, he even showed the guests from India the famous White House kitchen garden, lovingly planted by First Lady Michelle Obama. The one thing that Yosses enjoyed discussing with his Indian guests was the growing popularity of Indian food in the US as well as the White House. Yosses is also a frequent visitor to popular Indian restaurants in the national capital.


3) Kapoor’s Experience


Speaking about the White House visit, the celebrated chef said, “It was a great experience, once-in-a-lifetime.” After the visit, he presented Yosses with a copy of his latest encyclopedic work on Indian food as well as submitted copies of the same to be given to the Obamas. However, Kapoor also has an interesting observation to make. Speaking about the size of the kitchen, he said, “Being a chef I can tell you that cooking for 4,000 people from that kitchen is not an easy thing, which can be very very challenging.”


4) Indian Food in Washington


Kapoor is obviously happy that the Indian food is gaining such popularity in the US, regarding which he says, “It is great to see how interest in Indian food is growing. When Prime Minister Manmohan Singh comes (to the White House) Indian food being on the menu is quite understandable. But Indian food is being introduced in others ways also.”


Thus ended Chef Kapoor’s White House kitchen tour. Do you have any White House stories to share? Write them in with your comments.


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Chef Sanjeev Kapoor’s White House Kitchen Tour