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Janet Jackson Gets A New Hot Bod Thanks To Nutrisystem

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Slim Janet Jackson


Janet Jackson has finally managed to lose weight successfully courtesy the ‘Nutrisystem Success Diets’.  She had been a spokesperson for the meal delivery company’s latest foray into the world of diets and has proved that she practices what she preaches. Speculations are rife about how she managed to lose an incredible amount of 50 pounds in weight and is now all set to wow her fans with her new svelte figure.


She had been really F A A A A T back in 2006 when she weighed a gigantic 180 pounds. Janet had been candid about it though. In fact she said, “Dieting never worked for me, counting calories never worked for me, and denying myself the foods I love never worked for me, I needed a better plan, and I found it with Nutrisystem.” People began to suspect that she had let it all go once again after the sad demise of her Singing Star brother Michael Jackson in 2009.

Janet Jackson before losing weight

‘Nutrisystem Success Diets’ also helps people maintain their weight after successfully shedding their flab. Replacement meals in the form of shakes as well as delicious entrée options from the Chefs Table have helped many along with their newly formulated exercise plans.


Her newly acquired slim-n-trim figure speaks for itself now. The latest ads for ‘Nutrisystem Success Diets’ have started being noticed with people remarking on her newly achieved sexy look.  The best thing about the Diet is that she doesn’t really have to keep a track of her calorie intake or make stepping on the scales a part of her daily routine reveals Janet in her latest ad. Plus she does get to eat all her fav. Foods too which is definitely a big bonus.


Marie Osmond, Dan Marino & Terry Bradshaw have all benefited from Nutrisystem and Janet Jackson is the latest celebrity to join their rank now.


Do you like what the new trim and sexy  Janet? Watch her New Ad below and do let us know.



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Janet Jackson Gets A New Hot Bod Thanks To Nutrisystem